The Calm before the Purpose

First, I apologize for taking so much time off from writing. I hope your journey to healing and happiness has continued to show you just how strong and powerful you really are! So much has changed for me since my last post. Major change. After two full years living in Los Angeles, I am moving back to the East Coast! It is funny how the universe works. I said to my family that I would be back on the East Coast in two years, but once I got the career of my dreams I just knew that I would be here well into old age. Meditation has taught me to be open to where my life leads me and I am excited to go through yet another new beginning in what seems like such a short period.

I moved to LA with the hopes of growing in my career (check) and to learn how to love myself all by myself (CHECK!). I met amazing people. I tried new types of food. I learned about meditation and spirituality. I joined a high profile church. I danced most weekends and I worked hard as hell to reach goals. I know that the purpose of being so far away from all my family and friends has been fulfilled, but I was fearful of the next steps. Praying and meditating on what my next steps would be daily, I quickly received my answers as my current job began to overwhelm me emotionally in an unhealthy way. Thankful for knowing my signs of unhealthy coping (blog on this to come soon), I took the leap of applying for jobs back home doing what I currently do. My big deal was I did not want a major pay cut. LA, of course, pays much more because of the cost of living, but I know what I can bring back to hospital settings with the experience Ive gained. Healing family, I am coming back home with the salary I wanted! Yesssssss!!!!

As I lay on the floor in my now unfurnished apartment in Hollywood for the last night, I feel at peace. I know that my promises are about to continue to be fulfilled. My blog is going to continue to grow a following. My career is going to continue to soar. My husband will soon be revealed. I am claiming all of that. But, what do I do in my right now? The peaceful time before all of the promises come along with their obstacles. How do I enjoy this time and not become impatient?

The reality is that we all have our moments where we see great things right around the corner. Whether it be senior year of school and graduation being around the corner or getting that call back from the job of your dreams, how can patience be practiced? There is so much beauty in the calm before the purpose, but its hard to enjoy it when what we really want is sooooo close! Healing family. Take a step back right now. Think about where you were one year ago. Think about that thing that you thought you would never get through. Think about that dissertation you never thought you would finish. Think about that wedding planning that is leading up to the best day of your life. Think about that miracle growing inside you that you will soon birth. You have come so far! Your time is so close! Time to be thankful. Laugh at those old fears. Hug yourself. You have been working so hard. Go to the spa. Go get your nails done. Take deep breaths. Greater is coming, but greater is already here!

Maybe you still have more work to do. Has anyone told you lately that it is okay to not have it all together? Life is about continued growth big or small. Life is not about being perfect or living perfectly. You’re struggling financially, thats okay continue to try new ways to save money. Hate your job? Continue to study to get that degree for that career shift. Enjoy this period before the promise and know that your promise will come. We truly get back what we put into this world. Hard work does not go unrewarded. I believe in us! I believe in you!

As I continue to align with my life’s purpose, I promise to continue to take you on the journey with me. This journey to spiritual, physical, emotional wholeness is hard and beautiful and the best moments truly are idle. Enjoy your now. Enjoy your calm before your purpose.

Whatever you are struggling with, you don’t have to go through alone. A lifeline is available 24/7 at 1800-273-TALK (8255).

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