Check in time!

I have been living back on the East Coast for three months now! Every positive result of living closer to home has manifested at this point. I see my family and friends more. I am seeing seasons change again. Everyone pronounces “water” like I do. It honestly feels amazing to be back to what feels more like home. I also have an amazing job.

At this point in life being the best in my career seems to be a top priority. For a moment, it became priority number one. I put my health and healing on the back burner these last two weeks and began to eat sleep and breathe work. Very quickly feelings of burn out and dissatisfaction with my personal life began to sink in. This has lead me to asking some really good questions for young successful professionals like myself.

Is there a such thing as working too much?

Are my professional goals more important than my personal goals?

How do I keep the same energy I have on my job when I leave?

A very important goal to have while climbing your professional ladder is to continue to check in on your goals outside of your career. I can not stop working on healing my chakras just because I am now a salary nurse. I have to continue to work out, eat healthy,  meditate, and work on the areas that need to be strengthened! I have felt so sluggish and even moments of sadness due to this very short work life unbalance. I realized I haven’t even been blogging. I talked to my mom less. I ate out numerous times and I only went to the gym one time! Also, I became more open to distractions! In the moments that I could have been working on my first book or looking up graduate programs in the area, I was giving to a person who took the little bit of energy I had left, leaving me wondering how I became so drained and empty so quickly.

Healers, we are human. We will have moments that we are not as balanced as we were or could be. The moment you can acknowledge the need to do better, please listen to that intuition.  Success in our fields is important, but it is not all God and the universe has for us. If you are in college, trying to progress in your career field, or working where you always dreamed, please make sure to tap into your personal self as often as you tap into your scholastic or professional self. When you write a list of tasks for work, sit and write for home as well. If that means running for 30 minutes a day or spending 15 minutes a day praying and meditating, write it down and hold yourself equally as accountable as you have for your tasks outside of self.

Feelings of depression can sometimes be related to feeling like you are not doing good enough. Comparing has become more easy thanks to social media. It is difficult to not look at others in our age range and feel like we not where they are. My challenge to all of us this week is to take that same energy we place in what others are doing online and put it into personal development.

Read that book.

Write that book.

Write that song.

Start that blog.

Start that podcast.

Drink more water.

Take deep breaths.

Forgive her.

Forgive yourself.

Keep that same work ethic you have after work. Keep that same energy you have on being the best social worker, nurse, professor, athlete, artist and put it towards simply being the best you.

I hope this blog finds you well.

Love you all!

Whatever you are struggling with, you don’t have to go through alone. A lifeline is available 24/7 at 1800-273-TALK (8255).








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