Manifestations LOADING . . .

I was about 16 yrs old when I wrote my first short story about a woman strong enough to overcome depression. The woman rose from her bed while unlocking herself from anxiety’s grip and stepping over loneliness. She looked in the mirror and stated “another day to be strong. another day to survive.” I had no idea I was writing my story. I did not know that I was woman. I am woman. The moment I began to realize I was narrating my own story, I spoke the written into the universe. I claimed my joy and my peace understanding that if I said it enough, I would start to believe it. Once the believing begins, the manifestations start to load.

Words are everything.

Words are why I am still here.

Words save my life.

MY words save MY life.

MY words saved my life. Even when I was not speaking to myself.

I have always been a great speaker. I take pride in my ability to take my experiences and turn them into poetry. Spoken word comes to me in my dreams, and I get excited to wake up in the middle of the night just to write it down. What point is a gift that you do not share? What is the point in writing spoken words that I never speak? There is power in my tongue. There is healing in my voice. Healing that I thought was just for others, but have been learning is for me. Every time I speak words of healing, my own healing manifests.

Manifesting the life that you want to live truly takes you speaking those things into existence. Our life is a reflection of what we put our energy into. For example, when I put my energy into loosing weight, I find it so much easier to eat healthy and exercise. But, it all starts with my thoughts. I find that when the journey to a healthier lifestyle gets difficult, I begin to change my thoughts to one of “can i really do this”? Before I know it, I am stating that I can not do it. By the end of the week, I am eating fast food while feeling guilty and saying “see I knew I couldn’t do this”. This turns into an entire snowball of low vibrations and negative thoughts! I now realize I have to put more energy into changing my mindset by thinking what I want to see happen, writing it down, and stating it until I believe it. My thoughts around weight loss is that this is no longer my goal. Hear me out! Allow me to explain. I started to think “I love myself, I am going to put food into my body that reflects this self love.” I wrote this in a book and added it to my daily affirmations. Now, I am finding making healthier choices easier. More importantly, I have really been loving the body that I see in the mirror more and more. It feels so good to enjoy standing in the mirror!!! This was not the initial goal of the affirmation, but how could self love not manifest making this statement every single day.

If you are reading this post, please join me on this positive manifestations journey. You are already good at manifesting. Your current life is a direct result of your thoughts and the words you have been speaking over yourself. The good and the bad is what it is because you believe it is (read that again!). The moment you realize there is absolutely NOTHING that you can not do, you unlock a power. You must then begin to think of what it is that you do want to do and no matter where you currently are in your journey to becoming just that, you begin to make room for it. I said that I would not just be a nurse. I said that I would find new ways to use my creativity. I said that I would become a blogger. I am doing just that! This may be the beginning of my journey, but I know without any doubts that my manifestations are LOADING.

What is it that you are trying to manifest? Friend, it is already yours. Shai Mercedes Speaks that into existence.

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